What do others say?

"This was quality time spent together that gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself and how I can be a better person and parent as well as learning more about my son."

            Randy Freston
~ ~ ~
"This has been a great tool to learn how to communicate and express our feelings between me and my kindergartner."
            Amy Ebert
~ ~ ~
"The activities gave me a chance to really think about how I handle my daily activities. I need to listen more instead of trying to give a solution."
            Lashanda Oakes
~ ~ ~
"Having time for both children is tough. This retreat allowed me to focus on one child and to learn more about this child."
            Mark Henderson
~ ~ ~
"The retreat was great to have one on one time together. I wish it did not end so fast, because it was a lot of fun to spend time and to talk about feelings."
            Elizabeth & Stephanie Blevins
~ ~ ~
"The Parent-Child Retreat helped my daughter and I to carve some time from our very busy schedules and focus on our relationship.  It was a beautiful experience.  Scott Ertl maneuvers participants smoothly on a journey of rediscovery.  His lively personality is supported by wholesome, non-threatening activities that engage the Parents and Children in a level of communication that is wonderful."
              Danny Leonard, Sunrise United Methodist Church Pastor

~ ~ ~

"I had a really great time!"
            Caitlin Fox (age 9)