How to fund your Playshop

Since Playshop programs cost between $1000 - $3200, the 
     following funding options can be helpful. 

Sponsor or Co-sponsor with PTA/PTO, civic organization,
     church, daycare, YMCA, DARE, Super Kids, etc.

Grants: (Drug and Violence Prevention, Character and Civic
     Education, Safe and Drug-Free Schools
) Title I funding, Arts
     Councils, Character Education, D.A.R.E., Civic groups, etc.

Business partner sponsors the Playshop, with a credit in the
     local newspaper. 
(Press release is provided.) 

For 250 participants, charge $5 for each participant. The
     school, PTA, Business Partners, churches contribute to
     lessen the expense.

Your 100% money-back satisfaction is guaranteed. If you
     charge participants, let parents know about this guarantee.

Playshops will provide you with sure-fire marketing tools to
     generate a large turn-out and successful event.