Playshops Facilitator Guide
Table of Contents

                   Foreword, by Jack Canfield
                   What Are Playshops?
                   Why Facilitate Playshops?

                   Planning Your Playshop
                       Playshop Facilitator Checklist
                       Sample Flyer
                       Sample "Wish List"
                       Teacher Invitation
                       Playshop Phone & Email Reminders
                       Playshop Article for PTA Newsletter
                       Suggestions for Parent & Teacher Door Prizes
                       Press Release
                       Business Letter Seeking Donations

                   Starting Your Playshop:
                       Mission Statement, Opening Remarks & Playshop Goals
                       Playshop Requests & Opening Songs
                       Ice Breakers
                       Starting Your Playshop Activities:
                       Sample Group Sheet
                       Activity Guidelines
                       Directions for 40 Group Activities
                       Helpful Hints for Selected Activities

                   Closing Your Playshop:
                       Closing Activities, Statements & Songs
                       Playshop Survey
                       Handouts Overview
                       30 Parent Passes
                       Parent Interview List
                       30 Teacher Passes
                       Teacher Interview List
                       Parent & Teacher Interest Inventory
                       22 Child Passes
                       Child Interview List
                       "Living Consciously" Daily Checklist
                       Fun Family Activities Brochure
                       Fun Places To Go On A Saturday

                       "Thank You" Letter to Teachers
                       "Thank You" Letter to Business Donors
                       About the author & illustrator