Co-facilitate your Playshop!
Earn $100!

Who can co-facilitate a Playshop with Scott Ertl?

  • School Counselor
  • Classroom Teacher
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Principal or Assistant Principal
  • PTA President or Member
  • Parent Volunteer

What are the responsibilities to co-facilitate a Playshop?

  • Secure a location for the Playshop for the participation desired.
  • Copy and distribute flyers to all students. (Original provided)
  • Send press release to local newspapers to invite reporters and photographers to highlight your special event. (Materials provided)
  • Help create and/or choose station activities for Playshop. (Examples and ideas will be provided)
  • Solicit and secure 5 door prizes and/or 5 teacher give-aways in appreciation for their participation. (Examples provided)
  • Assign students to color, mount on construction paper, and display posters around school. (10-25 will be provided)
  • Assist in set-up, facilitation & clean-up for the Playshop.
  • Coordinate volunteers to provide refreshments.
  • Organize and maintain the refreshments table.
  • Include Playshop article in PTA newsletter. (Article provided)
  • Receive accolades from colleagues, parents and students.
Why would I want to co-facilitate a Playshop?
  • Receive step-by-step support in guaranteeing success.
  • Use the Playshop as a "Documented Accomplishment" towards your NBPTS certification.  
  • Your contribution will be emphasized in all media coverage as a positive role for helping your school improve academic success.
  • Parents, students and staff will  give you all the credit for tbringing this fun experience to your school.
  • After co-facilitating a Playshop with Scott Ertl, you will be 100% capable for leading your own Playshops with ease and confidence.
  • Not to mention the $100 honorarium.